Meet the Web Team


The Web Video Interns

We had a team of eight enthusiastic interns who signed on to craft the short web exclusive videos on this site. Some were still students at university, others were recent graduates and a handful were simply interested in learning more about video editing. We met in person three times to review and discuss each other's work, and then the individual editing interns worked under the mentorship of series writer, Maureen Marovitch. The talented interns were: Eric Anoee (Nunavut), Miles Turner (Toronto) and Guillaume Baudouin, Floriane Caillot, David Machado, Charlotte Marchessault, Vanya Sirucek and Xiaoxiao Yan in Montreal.

Robin Sutherland

Robin Sutherland is a Toronto based graphic designer from the Rama First Nation. He's worked as a graphic designer for companies like Loblaw's and the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation, and has worked with Maaiingan Productions on design projects. The same year, he began screen printing; some of his original designs, which he prints at home and by hand, are available via Little River Studios. His personal portfolio can be found at

Sonya Allin
Web Programmer

Sonya has been developing interactive tools since the early days of the web; her work has included interface design and development for digital artworks, rehabilitation tools and medical imaging systems. She and Robin jointly manage Little River Studios, a Toronto based design shop, and has worked on web projects with Maaiingan Productions.

Maaiingan Productions
Web Design

MAAIINGAN Productions is a collective of Aboriginal Artists, Designers, Editors, Writers and Researchers that work collaboratively to promote and support each others' expertise in creating and disseminating complete packages and projects reflecting the very best in Media Arts. We incorporate Web Design, Photography, Graphic Design, Research, Copy and Creative Writing, Editing, Project Management and Video Productions.

Our goal is to employ technology and artistic vision in order to present high quality community messages evocatively and honorably, thereby making them effective, innovative and unforgettable.